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Welcome to mph to knots, our article about the miles per hour to knots conversion.

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For miles per hour the abbreviation mph, lowercase, is most widely used, but uppercase, and mi/h are correct, too.

For the unit of speed knots the symbol kt is used mostly, yet kn can also been seen sometimes.

One knot is defined as the speed of one nautical mile per hour.

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Mph to Knots Formula

To convert the speed we must multiply the speed in miles per hour by 1609.344 / 1852; this quotient is equal to 0.86897624190064794816414686825054 = α.

Thus, the mph to knots formula is [kts] = α x [mph]. Using 0.86898 for alpha (α) we get the following approximation which is usually precise enough:

[kts] ~ [mph] x 0.86898

It follows that 1 mph ~ 0.87 kts. One mile per hour is equivalent to approximately 0.86898 nautical miles per hour (knots). The speed in knots is roughly 13 percent less the speed in mph.

In other common units of speed one mph is approximately 1.46667 foot per second or precisely 0.44704 meter per second, and exactly 1.609344 kilometers per hour.

Frequent conversions include, for example:

Read on to learn all about the miles per hour to nautical miles per hour conversion.


The result can also be achieved by dividing the speed in miles per hour by 852 / 1609.344, approximately 1.15078. In any case, using our calculator below is recommended.

To make use of converter the only thing you have to do is inserting the speed in mph. Our tool then changes the value instantly without the need to hit any button.

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There are some frequently asked questions in the context of the conversion:

  • How many knots in a mile per hour? Answer: 1 kn = 0.86898 mph
  • How much is a knot in mph? Answer: [kn] = 0.86898 [mph]
  • How many knots to a mile? 1 nautical mile per hour = 1 knot
  • How many miles per hour is one knot? One knot equals 0.86898 miles per hour
  • How many knots per mile? 1 kn ~ 0.87 mph

Taking into account all the information given above you should be in the position to answer these questions using the approximation, formula and definition of the units.

Miles per Hour to Knots

People in search for miles per hour to knots may want to check out the search form located in our sidebar. With the help of that form many speed conversions can be found.

If x stands for your speed in knots, using the aforementioned form, x mph to kt, can also be looked up, along with a plethora of similar terms.

In this manner you can also get the result of the conversion x mph to kn. Check it out now trying x miles to knots conversion.

The unit of speed known as the knot, which is equivalent to one nautical mile per hour, is universally used, both in aviation as well as nautical navigation.

Wind speed is sometimes also expressed in knots.


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