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For knots we either use the ISO symbol kn, or kt, which is a bit more common.

Miles per hour are abbreviated as mph, mi/h or MPH.

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Knots to Mph Formula

A knot is defined as the speed equal of one nautical mile per hour. A nautical mile (nmi) is 1852 meters (6076.11548556 ft), whereas an international mile (mi) is 1609.344 meters (5280 ft); the term international mile stands for land miles also known as statute miles.

to convert knots to mph we have to multiply the speed in knots by α = 1852 / 1609.344. The formula is [mph] = α x [kts] . Using the value 1.15078 for α we get the

approximation [mph] = [kts] x 1.15078.

In other words, 1 knot to mph ~ 1.15 mph. One knot equals approximately 1.15078 miles per hour. The speed in mph is always about 15 percent more than the speed in knots.

In other common units of speed one knot equals approximately 1.68781 foot per second or 0.514444 meter per second, and is exactly 1.852 kilometers per hour.

Frequent conversions include, for example:

Keep reading to learn everything about the nautical miles per hour to miles per hour conversion.


The conversion itself is straightforward, yet the coefficient 1852 / 1609.344 which equals 1.1507794480235425117314881094409 demands something easier.

To make use of our converter you only have to enter the speed in knots; our tool changes the value automatically without the need to push a button.

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Change the value in the lower input field only in case you want to change mph to knots, and make sure to bookmark us if you are happy with our app.

Frequently asked questions in the context of the conversion of nautical miles per hour to international miles per include:

  • How many mph is a knot? Answer: 1 Knot = 0.86898 miles per hour
  • How fast is one knot? 1 kn = 0.86898 mph
  • How fast is a knot in mph? Answer: 0.86898 miles per hour equals 1 knot
  • How many knots in a mile? One nautical mile per hour = One knot
  • How many knots are in a mile? 1 nmi = 1 kn ~ 0.87 mph

You already know how to answer these questions taking into account the knots to miles per hour equation and approximation, in addition to the definition of the unit of speed knot.

Knots to Miles per Hour

Visitors seeking to convert knots to miles per hour may also be interested to learn that many speed conversions can be found using the search form located in the sidebar.

Supposed that x denotes your speed in mph, using said form, terms such as x kts to mph, x kt to mph and knots in mph can also be looked up.

Along the same lines can you obtain the result of the conversion x kn to mph or, for example, get the x kts to mph conversion. Try it out now testing x knots to mph conversion.

The unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour, the knot, is widely used and in maritime as well as air navigation, in addition to, for example, wind speed in meteorology.


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